Get out your Hiking Boots!


Norma & Henry is embarking on a new adventure….the custom wedding dress/bridesmaids etc…

Please pass this exciting news along and help spread the word!  (We’ll still have the fun vintage inspired clothing too!)

contact Leah – normaandhenry@gmail.comIMG_2355IMG_2380

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Layer Up, Butter Cup!

It snowed today for the first time in New Jersey this year.  They were big beautiful heavy white flakes, the type that get caught in your eyelashes.   My daughter and her friend got as far as the bottom part of a snowman before the craving of hot chocolate took over!  So in the bundling up process I was thinking about the necessity of warmth and the importance of layers. The layers are what makes it easy to dress from one season to the next – The necessary layers!!  Here are a couple ideas of how to winterize Norma & Henry! Enjoy!

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This Friday and Saturday at the Philadelphia Waldorf School and Saturday at the River Valley Waldorf School!

Come on out and enjoy!

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Norma & Henry is really excited to be a part of the Frenchtown Collective, a group of local

women who create various handmade items which are shown and organized by the fabulous

Deedee Riffle.  Etsy issued its 10 week bootcamp notice its time

to turn off Breaking Bad and buckle (boogie) down like an elf!  Enjoy!


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Aprons for the holidays!

So school has started but yet I haven’t gotten myself back to work.  It may be time to start making lists, cutting fabric, counting stock – hopefully this short blog will be the inspiration/kick in the butt I need!   On another note I am loving the pics of Maia in these half aprons staring at the fiesta wear so enjoy!!

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“The Set Up!”

Getting ready for the Small World Coffee show this friday in Princeton and trying to wrap my head around the needs of the upcoming holiday season.  I am wishing for a workshop where I could leave my sewing machine set up and fabric out on tables to get over the “hump” of having to set everything up from scratch each time I dive into working!  Its good to dream and in the meantime get down to task! Enjoy!

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