Idea Department

Calling all brain cells in friends, family, advice givers of the planet….   What do you think would be the best way to market Norma & Henry.  Its hard to categorize your own product and see through others eyes where “they” see you fit in.  I created Norma & Henry out of the need for happy clothing in a society facing troubled times.  I’m open to any thoughts, thanks for your time and enjoy!


  1. linda c

    hi – it might be a great idea to do your own ‘trunk’ show – and have a percentage go to a charity – you could invite others along the same idea of green and socially conscious.

    maybe a mother/daughter fashion show at a nursery school? and maybe partner the nursery school with an inner city one – where parents can donate good, used clothing to those in need.

    or maybe a little video on your blog with kids and moms doing their ‘summertime fun’ in your outfits – send each order with a summertime postcard the child can send to someone about their own summertime fun.
    just a few ideas – hope something is useful for you!

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